Why Most Journalism Is Trash

MASSIVE DISCLAIMER: I just want everybody to know that what I mean with this title is not to say that journalism as a whole is trash. In fact, I believe that there are numerous journalists that dedicate themselves immensely to their work and are able to publish magnificent articles that are consider to be extremely helpful and informative. However, has you know, there is sensationalism … Continue reading Why Most Journalism Is Trash

Why Perfection Is A Dream Killer

As a perfectionist my self, I constantly try to provide my best work, in the most effective way I can, however, I came to a astonish conclusion. Being such a perfectionist was not helping to improve my life in any way, instead, it was slowly deteriorating my confidence and enjoyment of my own work. I always had this weird fantasy of producing content and interacting … Continue reading Why Perfection Is A Dream Killer

How to Win Friends and Influence People

“How to Win Friends And Influence People” by Dale Carnegie is a tremendous book. It provides a fantastic and credible guideline for individuals that intend to influence, inspire and even “manipulate” others. Even though I can’t consider it one of the most interesting books I’ve read, I believe that its teachings are imperative for establishing good and healthy relationships. Today, I want to mention some … Continue reading How to Win Friends and Influence People

The Simplicity of Happiness

Today I want to focus on the teachings provided by a fantastic book that I read last summer, called ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck‘ by Mark Mason. The main premise of the book focuses on the pursuit of having a good life, on finding inner happiness and debunking all the bullsh*t around it. Technology, innovation, and progress itself have provided numerous possibilities … Continue reading The Simplicity of Happiness

The Bright Side of Going to College

This one is slightly controversial. The decision on whether go, or not go, to college is something questionable and debatable. Even being a college student myself, I find it quite hard to adopt a specific view on this subject. As it is well known, the education system is not perfect. It is expensive, puts you, most times, in debt, and, sometimes, it doesn’t even allow … Continue reading The Bright Side of Going to College

A Misconception On Innovation

Technology has been one of my main obsessions ever since I watched my father messing around in his old computer, with a giant monitor and a massive keyboard which key’s made more noise while clicking than my alarm clock in the mornings. It was fascinating to me being able to build something with your own hands, play with electronics and understand the how the software … Continue reading A Misconception On Innovation

Why Motivation Actually Sucks

My life as a full-time college student is a lot of times quite stressful. There are assignments, tests, projects, presentations, and, among all of this madness of work, the is one thing constantly lacking, motivation. That doesn’t mean that the work doesn’t get done, is just that, if it is so difficult to have motivation for something so conceptually simple, that “YOU MUST DO”, (otherwise … Continue reading Why Motivation Actually Sucks