Why Perfection Is A Dream Killer

As a perfectionist my self, I constantly try to provide my best work, in the most effective way I can, however, I came to a astonish conclusion. Being such a perfectionist was not helping to improve my life in any way, instead, it was slowly deteriorating my confidence and enjoyment of my own work. I always had this weird fantasy of producing content and interacting … Continue reading Why Perfection Is A Dream Killer

The Simplicity of Happiness

Today I want to focus on the teachings provided by a fantastic book that I read last summer, called ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck‘ by Mark Mason. The main premise of the book focuses on the pursuit of having a good life, on finding inner happiness and debunking all the bullsh*t around it. Technology, innovation, and progress itself have provided numerous possibilities … Continue reading The Simplicity of Happiness