Why Perfection Is A Dream Killer

As a perfectionist my self, I constantly try to provide my best work, in the most effective way I can, however, I came to a astonish conclusion. Being such a perfectionist was not helping to improve my life in any way, instead, it was slowly deteriorating my confidence and enjoyment of my own work.

I always had this weird fantasy of producing content and interacting with people. I have grown watching YouTube, and the idea of making videos was always fascinating to me. Unfortunately, I have never act on it, at least professionally. There was always something missing that would convince me not to record or not to post content online. Firstly, it was the camera that was not good enough, then the microphone that had a bad voice projection, then it was my lack of editing skills, then lack of time and even my voice! Eventually, I gave up on the idea and moved on with my life.

When I thought about it in the past I would be like: “Oh, I was just a silly kid, with a crazy imagination”, but, the fact is that, content production has always had a significant impact in my life. I just can’t get rid of it, it just fascinates me. Also, that’s why I decided to create this blog. I was tired of second doubting everything I did, so I just went for it, without expectations.

This could be applied to numerous other projects that I did not pursue due to this ideology; that my content was never going to be good enough to catch people’s attention. Nowadays, I’ve changed my approach. In fact, I was able to figure that my perfectionism and self-doubt were killing all my ambitions. Here’s why.

“Perfection does not exist, you can always do better and you can always grow.” – Les Brown
# 1. Inertia Is A Silent Killer

Not doing is always the worst. I noticed that I spent to much time on debating about the things I couldn’t do rather than to focus on the things I was able to do. The years passed by, and, beyond academical success, I was not able to accomplish nothing deeply meaningful to me. As soon as I took some action I found out that the act of just doing was much more enriching. I begun to learn and to constantly improve my art, writing and creativity.

# 2. Expectations Will Sabotage Your Work

All content producers probably have lived this dilemma: producing something, posting it and delete it after a while due to the lack of engagement. That has happened to us all. Having expectations can really sabotage your work. Sometimes you think you have produced the best piece of content that was ever created, you post it and people don’t care, they just don’t give a sh*t about it. Should you blame them? At the begging is hard, getting attention is rough, but, I deeply believe that, with consistency and patience, the possibilities will be endless.

# 3. There Is No Such Thing As Perfection

The undeniable truth is that perfection is nothing more than an illusion. There will be always room from improvement, it inevitable. By doing you improve yourself and your work. If you’re waiting for your work to be perfect by constantly hiding your interests and your story from others, you might be missing significant opportunities. Not to mention the conceptualization of relativity associated with perfection: what doesn’t work for you might be impeccable for others, and vice-versa.

This post is for all the dreamers and perfectionists that still haven’t act on their goals. Feeling that your content is not good enough given your certain circumstances can be terrorizing. However, history has proved, throughout other personalities, that perfection is a myth, it doesn’t exist, therefore, is up to us to work and pursue what we so much desire. So, stop making excuses and start your project right now.


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