3 Valuable People

We all have some people that are able to inspire us on a daily basis. As a result, I decided to make a list of the people that influence me the most, that provide me the most value and whose content I constantly follow. These, not only provide exceptional value in their area of expertise, but also, are able to entertain and motivate their audiences in a fantastic and engaging style.

#1. Gary Vaynerchuk

I believe this wonderful person doesn’t need any introduction. Probably one of the most genuine human-beings you’ll find on the internet. He is constantly focused on channeling positivity to our lives and providing outstanding value, not only through advises on life itself, but also through his entrepreneurial mastery. He is for sure the individual that can boost your motivation and make you do sh*t on a Monday morning. Believe when I say this, if you tune into his content, your life will change completely.

#2. Joe Rogan

The man of the seven trades. He his a stand-up comedian, mixed martial arts commentator, podcast host, businessman and former television host. The real overwhelming values comes through his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience“. It is fantastic how we can invite such a range of different individuals to have a deep, interesting and engaging conversation where you can acquire a lot of crucial information regardless of the topic of discussion. He’s genuinely trying to learn with his guest testimonials and his authentic interest in the discussions really make the whole podcast a fantastic experience.

#3. Patrick Bet-David

The owner and host of the YouTube channel “Valuetainment”, Patrick Bet-David is the real deal in terms of entrepreneurial advice. He often publishes videos regarding his own accomplishments, best practices and failures, and, with that, he’s able to provide tremendous value to an aspiring entrepreneur. Patrick always tackles business with a strategic and smart approach and, I believe that, his content can really make a huge difference to anyone that is trying to build their own business. Also, he has a fantastic method of explaining and simplifying complex topics, for example, the “Huawei Ban Explained” or “Trade War between China and the USA” were some of my favorites. To sum up, if really want to learn and grow as businessman and as a person, give “Valuetainment” a try, you won’t regret.

Thank you so much for reading. I would love to know: “Who are the people that inspire you on a daily basis?”. Let me know on the comments and see you in the next one!


4 thoughts on “3 Valuable People

  1. Great list. Joe Rogan is fantastic, and he seems like a genuinely nice guy. Love his podcast!
    Gary Vee has ups and downs, so to speak. Some of his stuff is really great, other is just some (not so well thought out) motivational stuff that has close to no real life applicability.
    I’d add Andy Frisella on this list. I regularly listen to his podcast. He’s like a Gary Vee, but on steroids. Tough, rough, but always tells it like it is.

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