Why It’s Okay To Fail

The fear of failure is weirdly interesting to me. It really shocks me to see how some people completely abdicate their dreams and ambitions just to avoid failing. I understand that financial and emotional stability are important, and they should be preserved for the well being of our families, ourselves, and our loved ones. My question is though, until what point is it right to perverse stability if your destiny is to end up with a life full of regrets?

As you know, generally, regret does not come from the things we wish we had done differently, but rather from the things we did not do. So with this blog post I need you to reflect on the following. Is it worth it? Is it really worth it to live an average life because you fear the consequences of failure? The fear of being rejected, broke or alone, for example, consume us all, that’s understandable, however, you should not allow that fear to dictate the way you live your life.

Today I give you 4 reasons on why you should embrace those failures.

“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill
#1. You Will Fail;

That’s inevitable. You know it and I know it too. Life is always ready to kick you in the face, and there’s no way to avoid that. You might try to hide in the bubble you created, but life will get you eventually. The longer you run and avoid those hardships the biggest your downfall will be. But your main focus should not be on how deep down you can go.

What you must focus is on your strengths and willingness to get back up and embrace life with courage. What matters is your desire to fight back after you fail. Failing is inevitable, uncontrollable. What you control is your willingness to fight the problems and find your track again.

#2. FailingFailure;

This one is too cliché but screw it. You already know, there’s a huge difference between failing and being a failure. Failure is when you quit. Failing is normal, happens all the time and we grow with it. So don’t hang your gloves too soon, you will never know what you can accomplish, until you try it. Failing does not make you a failure.

#3. Learning Is Exciting;

Learning is the most exciting thing about life. You might fail 100 times and it might look bad, but the good thing is that you were able to learn on those 100 times you failed. Consider the following: for ten years you tried to build a successful business. You tried 99 different ways of making it a sustainable, however, due to some circumstances, your business failed.

Can you imagine the amount of wisdom you were able to gather from those failed experiments? How much valuable your knowledge can be?

Keep that in mind, even if you fail, you always learn. Nowadays, knowledge and information are the most valuable and crucial skills you can get.

#4. You only live once;

If you don’t go after it, who will? Yes, that right. Do you want to be 90 years old, laying down on your dead bed and moaning about the things you did not do out of fear? You only have one life, so don’t waist it.

So, go on, fight for what you believe, and fail, fail, until you don’t.

Thank you so much for reading! Just want to thank you guys for visiting my blog on a daily basis. You are absolutely insane! See you soon.


19 thoughts on “Why It’s Okay To Fail

  1. I love the tips you have mentioned in your awesome article. It’s indeed a great one because the need of the hour is to make people understand the fact that success is the beginning of a great fear of failure because it doesn’t end there. Successful people often live a worried life because they have to keep in mind the fact that they are different from the others. They have to maintain the standard. They can’t always follow their heart. They are helpless…. they cannot share their troubles with everyone….. and so on. Thank you very much for sharing. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awesome my friend.. this is so so true..

    Finding the way to create strategies to a method..

    In which could change so so many lifes, from this 😡 to this 😁 sound good to me.. thank you..

    Liked by 1 person

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