Why Your Age Means Shit

I’m 21. I can honestly say that one of my biggest fears is not having enough time. Weird right?

I have questioned myself multiple times on why this happens. I made some research regarding this, so called, fear, and I came to the realization that I’m not alone. I feel that there’s been a huge shift on what age really means in our societies. In past generations, age was used as a factor of respect, knowledge and wisdom; now it’s just a common excuse for inactivity. In fact, the given statements commonly associated with age are: “Oh, I’m too old for this.” or “You’ll understand when you get to my age.”. Well, I call that bullshit.

If you are a dreamer, a hustler and an ambitious individual you should not fear aging. You will always have time. However, there is always that “fear” that is pushing you back from doing stuff. But why? Here are some possibilities.

“Winning is different based on your perspective, just like success is different based on your perspective.” – CM Punk
# 1. You Are Lacking Perspective

That’s common and you should not be afraid. Social media and the internet itself have placed so much pressure, that sometimes we lose sense of where we belong. Nowadays we can have access to so much information that it is easy to get overwhelmed.

Some are already making millions by the age of 19 and having incredible experiences that you only wish you could have. Maybe, while that’s happening to them you (and I) are just studying something that will be completely useless in 5 years that won’t ever give you that life. Then, you wonder what you have been doing wrong. My answer is simple.


Everyone operates differently and you can’t change that. Some are more fortunate than others and some work harder than others. If you spend your life thinking about the things you don’t have you won’t get anywhere. If you desire to achieve success, the noise outside can’t be a variable.

There’s a great rent given by Gary Vaynerchuk, that I feel it fits perfectly here.

“Just close your eyes until you are 29”.

If you sit down and take the time to reflect on this rent, you’ll realize how powerful it actually is. The solution is just to close your eyes, ignore the noise outside, the naysayers, the poor and unsuccessful, the ones that only want to tear you down, and maintain your own and only perspective. That is the one that matters, the only one that truly matters. Then, you move forward.

That’s all it takes, hard-work and perspective. That’s the “no secret” formula for success.

# 2. You Don’t Want It Enough

On the other hand, it is very simple. Maybe, you just don’t want it enough. Maybe you think that you need that achievement, but you actually don’t. Maybe you are not willing to put in the work it requires. That’s another problem, which is lack of self-awareness. Read here more. There is a huge difference between a need and a must.

Finally, I would like to appreciate your support. We just surpassed 1000+ views and had over 500+ visitors. You are absolutely insane. I love you all. ❤️


11 thoughts on “Why Your Age Means Shit

  1. I don’t think such matters ever crossed my mind when I was 21.
    21 is a great moment, however, 21, 33 and 36 are very important years since they set up the stage for your future.
    Back then, 40 years ago, I really worked a lot. I gave birth to my daughter, attended university and worked at a school teaching German language and literature. I was also writing my own essays, stories and poetry (in Latvian, my native language). I slept quite often 4 hours a night because the place we got as apartment did not have any conveniences. I had to split wood for wood stove, bring in and out every single bucket of water. Laundry was manual, also dish washing, and there was no heat if I didn’t get the stove going. I asked my students to help me with wood and they did bring it upstairs.
    That was a time when I realized there was another universe, too. It was an old mansion and there were real ghosts.
    Fear is a bad emotion, theoretically. One ages as they see themselves. If you want to age gracefully, stay active, smart and engaged, you just have to do that. I mean, be active, not to spend time watching fake news or just snoozing in your backyard. So on.
    I have 2 main areas which have always kept me busy and young: art and painting, also teaching and medical research in a few areas with the most interesting being how substances and drugs affect our brain and how we can keep our brain very young and create new neurons even at older age.
    Drawing and art allows developing photographic memory. I never need any alerts, lists or reminders.

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