The Bright Side of Going to College

This one is slightly controversial. The decision on whether go, or not go, to college is something questionable and debatable. Even being a college student myself, I find it quite hard to adopt a specific view on this subject. As it is well known, the education system is not perfect. It is expensive, puts you, most times, in debt, and, sometimes, it doesn’t even allow … Continue reading The Bright Side of Going to College

A Misconception On Innovation

Technology has been one of my main obsessions ever since I watched my father messing around in his old computer, with a giant monitor and a massive keyboard which key’s made more noise while clicking than my alarm clock in the mornings. It was fascinating to me being able to build something with your own hands, play with electronics and understand the how the software … Continue reading A Misconception On Innovation

Why Motivation Actually Sucks

My life as a full-time college student is a lot of times quite stressful. There are assignments, tests, projects, presentations, and, among all of this madness of work, the is one thing constantly lacking, motivation. That doesn’t mean that the work doesn’t get done, is just that, if it is so difficult to have motivation for something so conceptually simple, that “YOU MUST DO”, (otherwise … Continue reading Why Motivation Actually Sucks

Why Self-Awareness Will Change Your Perspective

Since my early youth, I have been passionate about entrepreneurship. The creativity, freedom and success premise associated with being your own boss has fascinated me since the beginning. As time passed, and as I got older, I began to gain a different perspective of what entrepreneurship actually means. The amount of dedication, time and effort required to build a successful business, overwhelmed me. Then, I … Continue reading Why Self-Awareness Will Change Your Perspective